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The Art of Negotiations   II   Brand Building and Positioning 

Leader Management   II   Change Management 

Notch Up Your Virtual Sales   II   PR and Communications Mindfulness and Balance in Life

The Art of Building Autonomous Teams ​


                 That's tough one indeed .A difficult path to tread on .Handle with care 

  • Know your why the moment you know why you want  the other person to know your point of view and how it would affect the outcome it will make your life easier

  •  Start with a positive . When you show the positive side of your view point it  will definitely attract the attention of the opposition and you will be able to find a way through their mind and bring things in action the way you had designed.

  • Do not storm into a conversation. when it's about disagreement slow and steady wins the race

  • Body language it is very important your body talks about collaboration. it shouldn't talk about refuting the idea of the other person .when your  words work in tandem with the energy of your body language you will be able to seize the deal in your favor

  •  Stay prepared with the the expected questions that can raise a confrontation when you put forth your Idea your prospective it only helps you to stay more prepared to handle that criticism

  •  Take the attention of the opposition party towards the common goal and how your perspective can achieve that common goal . this will help you to make them understand that your thoughts and your way of deciding the further course of action can take them closer to the common goal

  • Clarity in your thoughts it is very important to be very sure of what exactly you want to put forth if you are not clear in your own mind that the questions coming up from the opposition will definitely get your more confused and you will lose it

  • There is no harm in disagreeing  with the other person but there is definitely a reason to worry if you are in a habit to outrightly reject the viewpoint of the other person for professional or personal reason

  • Make it a more of a constructive conversation blame game never takes the conversation to its desired fate

  •  Be ready with information and data that supports your belief ,your ideas and your view point to validate  how your viewpoint or perspective can turn turn tables in the favor of  the situation in question

  • Soak in . Don't create a mountain out of a molehill. Yes it's very important to soak in the viewpoint of the other person before jumping to conclusions and completely refuting what the other person is saying.


  • There are drama queens and kings in every office but that's ok!  We have it in a personal life too .To handle lack of substance or half  knowledge the only way simply let them know you will either find a way or you will make one

  •  Be pleasingly patient it's important to not let people get the worst out of you and for that you need to be really patient .Brainstorming the opposition to walk your talk takes time

  •  Be watchful with the words you use they needs to be very constructive very productive very gentle all along .Can be  manipulative but in no way Harsh


  • Look for that one person who is   ready to hold your hand .Here you need to be quick and make your team ,collect data that validate your proposal and  March forward with your right attitude and confidence 

  • Trying to take the conversation to a point where you can add light humor to this disagreement it will help ease of the tension and ads life and direction to the conversation

  • At the end it's all about being at peace with one another and the decision taken accepted gracefully



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