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                                            Brainstorming about the

                                 NATIONAL EDUCATION POLICY 2020

   Dr. Farooq Wasil, Global Head, GEMS Education Affordable Schools
          Dr Amrita Vohra, Director of Education, Gems B school India
               Ms. Shaheen Shafi Senior Principal, GEMS Education
  Ms. Rani Thippavazzula, National Head Academics, Dream India School

              Power Message For My Audience From This Webinar


  • a very comprehensive policy has been put forth 

  • a sure shot road map is required to implement the same

  • teachers need to up-skill themselves at a war footing to ensure the new systems are adopted  without a hiccup

  • Systems need to be brought in place to help teachers embrace this change 

  • Vocational training encouraged is welcomed 

  • choice of options in higher grades 

  • multiple entry & exit for students like an academic break 

  • academic credit scores sounds promising 

                                                       Brainstorming about the

                                     HOW TO SCORE HIGH SCORES IN GRADE 12TH


   Ms. Shambhavi Lal ,99.75 % Humanities ISC  , Lilawati Podar School Mumbai ,India

Ms. Manya Gupta ,98.75% Commerce CBSE, Delhi Public School Whitefield ,Bangalore India  


                                Power Message For My Audience From This Webinar

  • Understand your strengths

  • Have a mentor be it teacher, friend,parent

  • Take sufficient breaks in between the study hours .Long hours dont help .Quality over quantity

  • School books are bible .Be thorough with them

  • Zero your screen time . Use alternate methods to refresh yourself 

  • take the question paper carefully and write short points on your paper

  • must have time in the end to revise 

  • Pointers help 

  • its natural to feel as if you cannot make it ..but stay on will make it 

  • Time management is the most important asset 


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